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What’s in a name, for brands it’s their goodwill. Where some succeed in the marketplace, others may fall by the wayside. How much of success can be attributed to the selection of the right brand names (and brandable domain names), as opposed to market timing and forces, the product, leadership and marketing can be debated. But no one argues that a brandable name is intrinsically important – in conjunction with other essential business fundamentals – to conquer any market. The Bisbrand domain marketplace has many domains for sale in a variety of domain extensions to choose from. But first a bit more about what makes a great brand name for businesses and startups.

Fundamentals of Brandable Domains

A brand name — and by extension brandable domains — should be short. Typically, brand domains should be no more than ten characters long (ideally), but of course there are exceptions to this rule. Some companies names are so long that they become known only by their initials, leaving consumers to sometimes struggle to guess what the initials even stand for. Try to keep it short and sweet. Brandable domains should also be pronounceable, easy to spell, a cinch to remember and be available on the right domain extension.

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Fundamentals of Brandable Domains Continued

Abbreviations & Alphanumeric Brand Names

To round out the branding conventions, there are brands that are abbreviations of existing dictionary words, this is especially helpful if the original word is running long. As mentioned, brand names that are too long or consist of too many words are harder to make stick in the minds of consumers, thus shorter brand names help with recall. We can take an example of a long word that can be shortened directly from this last sentence. The word abbreviations can be truncated into a new word with Abbrev. Lastly there are alphanumerics, in which a brand consists of numbers or a combination of numbers and letters, think of a phrase such as Cloud 9. This makes a nice brandable domain as cloud computing is a huge market and on ‘cloud 9’ is a positive saying. Mash them up and you’re on to something good.

Dictionary Brand Names

This is not to say that brandable domain names can not also come directly out of Webster’s dictionary. Of course. In fact, short, well know nouns, verbs and adjectives make for some of the most highly sought after, and valued brands on the planet. Look no further than the dictionary word Apple. Being so highly valued, such dictionary terms are nearly impossible to acquire as a dot-com. And not for less than millions of dollars if at all possible. The only caveat from a brand trademark perspective on dictionary terms is that they cannot be identical to the same name of your product. Widget would be an acceptable brand name for apparel, but not for selling widgets. Note: Entrepreneurs should have a trademark lawyer do a through search on any brand name they are considering and the trademark class that any given name may fall under.

The Domain Extension

Dotcom is king, and that is a blessing and a curse for marketers. Available, unregistered names are increasingly hard to find on the .com top level in any brandable domain market or domain aftermarket, which puts dotcom names at a premium. This unavailability of brandable names on dotcom has led marketers to also look at .IO, and .CO, then there is also the .NET, .INFO and .ORG extensions. Not to mention the recent launch of the new gtld extensions suich as .online., .xyz and .tech among others, which give marketers literally hundreds of domain extensions to choose from. Everything from dotcom to dot-xyz and every extension in between. However, no one can argue by sheer numbers of registrations, and prices commanded on the after market, that dotcom is the undisputed leader in domain extensions with most every major brands’ website ending in dotcom.

In essence, a brandable domain name should be short, positive, convey your market and also be memorable (one of the main reasons, brands tend to be in the short side when it comes to character count).


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BisBrand has many brandable domains for sale for businesses and startups and we invite entrepreneurs to browse our catalog. We are continually updating our brandable domains on offer and will be looking to add more names in a wide range of internet extensions. As mentioned, if you cannot find what you are looking for on our domain marketplace, we still may be able to find your desired brandable domain for you within our network. Contact us for more information on our Brandable Domains Finder Service. If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a new business or product idea or re-brand your current business, contact us on how you can buy domain names in BisBrand’s brandable domain marketplace.

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Brandable Domains FAQ


What’s the brand domain definition and the difference between a brandable domain marketplace and a domain marketplace?


The brand domain definition is domain marketplace that focuses on dotcom domains that companies and brands can use ‘off the shelf’ and are business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) focused. Domain marketplaces also have brandables, but also numeric domains, IDNs, and domains in many different domain extensions and their domain name inventory is much higher.


Is the domain already registered?


Yes, the domains listed on the marketplace are registered with an accredited registrar. We make every effort to remove expired domain names from the marketplace. Once a buyer acquires a domain name they then become responsible to pay the yearly registration for the domain name. Registration for a dotcom domain is around $10 a year and up depending on the registrar. Other domain extentions can vary by register.

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