Thank you for your interest in this domain name, Next Steps will be provided shortly.

How Escrow Works

  1. Buyer puts the funds to pay for the domain name into a secure escrow account with BisBrand’s licensed escrow agent. The Escrow company will contact you to start the process.
  1. Seller transfers the domain name.


  2. Buyer inspects the domain name and releases the funds from escrow to the seller.


How Domain Name Transfer Works

All domains need to be registered with a domain name registrar.

1. Buyer opens a free account with the domain name registrar where the domain is currently registered. BisBrand will provide this information.

  1. Seller transfers the domain name to the new owner’s account at the same registrar.

  2. The new owner of the domain name accepts the name transfer and pays the annual domain name registration fee, usually around $12 a year, paid directly to the registrar.