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Benefits of Listing Domain Names on BisBrand


BisBrand is Non Exclusive.

No Mandatory Domain Name Listing Fees.

All Sales Done Over Escrow, So Buyers and Sellers Can Be Sure Transfers Run Smoothly.

In Order to Maintain the Continuity of the Marketplace, BisBrand Does Require that Domain Sellers Forward (Redirect) Domains to the Corresponding BisBrand Domain Landing Page. This Also Allows BisBrand to Most Efficiently and Effectively Verify Domain Ownership. Domain Owners Can Still List Names Elsewhere So Long as the Domain Still Points to it’s corresponding Landing Page.

Domain Names BisBrand is Looking For


Brandable Domain Names that a Business, Startup or App Would Use and With the Dotcom Extension. Only Looking for Dotcom Names.

Industry + Brandable Word, such as or No More than Two Words in the Domain Name.

Dictionary Words, As Long as It Has a Business Application, and No More Than 12 Characters  Long. Or Industry or Business Words, plus Prefix or Suffix, such as

Made Up (Fanciful) Words. Such as Only Accepting Up to Five Letters. No Numbers. No Hyphens in Any Submissions at All.

Sellers listing domains must be the rightful owner of all domains they list on the marketplace. It is the responsibility of the domain owner / seller to attest that domains submitted to the marketplace do not infringe on any third party trademarks.

Once a domain name is accepted by BisBrand for the marketplace, forwarding or pointing a domain to a domain sales page can be done one of two ways:

1. URL Forwarding from your domain registrar account. On the account page at your registar look for URL Forwarding, then select 302 Redirect (if the option is given), and enter the BisBrand URL to forward to. The BisBrand URL would look similar to (you would change “staffsy” with your domain name). 

2. Point Domain Name Servers (DNS) to Bisbrand’s Name Servers from your domain registrar account. Rename Name Servers to Nameserver 1: and Nameserver 2:  if there are fields for Nameserver 3: and Nameserver 4: leave these fields blank.

Don’t make any DNS or URL forwarding changes to your domains until the domain(s) has been accepted by BisBrand.

Commission Structure


Listed Domains

Up to $50,000

20% to Marketplace


50,001 to $100,000

15% to Marketplace


100,001 and Up

9% to Marketplace


How to Submit Domains

Sign Up for a Free Account. Submit Your Domains from Your Domain Dashboard. BisBrand will Review Your Domains and Let You Know the Domains that are Accepted or Declined. You Can Set Your Own Price for the Domains, But Please Keep Prices in Line with the Domain Industry. Domains Priced Well Above Market Norms, Might not be Accepted.

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